Business Process Redesign

Adults and children's social care are a complex set of practice, systems and commissioning activities. The best system implementations occur when they are practice led, and best practice is encapsulated into system design. It does not matter whether this is a system which has been in operation for many years or for a brand new system as the requirement is the same. The ICT systems should reflect the design insights of those who have to use them and those who have to manage them. 

ICT Revolutions has seen many implementations of new systems take place where simply returning the existing system to a best practice model will re inspire staff to rely on their social work skills. 

At ICT Revolutions we take Business Process Redesign (BPR) to be the fusion of the leadership's vision, values and transformation ideals, documented and grounded within the existing or replacement system. We work to ensure that all the system functionality available is exploited so that social care staff and their managers spend the least amount of time pressing buttons and more time documenting service users journeys effectively and measurably.