Meet the Team


Jon Goldie

Managing Director

Jon Goldie   Managing Director

Jon has over 15 years social work practice and management experience and is the founding Director of ICT Revolutions Ltd. The consultancy specialises in the successful design and implementation of social care case management and finance systems to redesign, enhance and transform the delivery of adult and children's social care services.

As both an experienced social worker and business and IT transformation specialist, and as Managing Director, Jon is responsible for day to day business as well as focusing on building and managing client relationships. 

Interests - Jon runs an apiary, enjoys campanology and kite surfing.  

Surprising fact - The first 18 years of Jon's working life was spent firstly in the military and then as a yacht skipper, sailing small yachts all over the world.

Alan Shaw

Operations Director

Alan Shaw   Operations Management

Alan has over 10 years’ experience in systems configuration, training, support, implementation and development across Children’s and Adults’ Social Care, Early Intervention and Education. With a comprehensive understanding of business need combined with a rich technical background, Alan has worked extensively to support customers to both redesign and fully exploit the functionality of case management systems and has a track record of designing and delivering innovative solutions to support the delivery and efficiency of front-line services.

Interests - Alan enjoys cars, films and music.

Surprising fact - Alan’s first job was delivering car parts.  

Sarah Clein

Business Development Director

Sarah Clein   Business Development and Programme Management

Sarah has over 25 years experience working in the public sector in a variety of senior NHS, Government and local government roles. She established her own consultancy in 2014 and has since worked within children’s social care, NHS and private sector delivering leadership development programs, strategic performance management services, governance and policy development and programme management.

As well as being responsible for new business development, Sarah has the lead for performance management programmes.  

Interests - Sarah enjoys being a mum to two busy boys, gardening, reading, crafts and personal development.

Surprising fact - The first job Sarah had was working in the complaints department of British Gas.

James Parry

Associate Consultant


James has nearly 10 years’ experience working on systems configuration and testing, training and support across Children’s and Adults’ Social Care, Early Intervention and Education. He has an ability to support and engage users to take full advantage of functionality within their case management systems.

James recently graduated from the University of Chester with First Class Honours in Information Systems Management.

Interests - James enjoys cycling, holidays abroad and spending time on his parents' canal boat. James is also interested in cars.